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    Chemical industry

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Packaging material for the chemical industry

Fertilizers, plant protection products, detergents as well as other chemical products are always kept safe and dry with our packages. Our plastic buckets are a bestseller in this industry. They are available in a round, rectangular or square shape. Their capacities vary from 150 ml to a maximum of 60 litres.
When ordering the standard sizes, you have the possibility of IML printing, there is almost no limit to your ideas. Moreover, the use of sealing bowls represent a perfect solution for the packaging of chemical products. Our smallest sealing bowl has a capacity of 200 ml while the biggest one can be filled up to 8,500 ml. The bowls are available in a white, semi-transparent or transparent colour. If you require, we are also in a position to offer a special colour. In case you produce minor quantities, smaller numbers of packaging material can be supplied as well.

The following companies make part of our clientele in this sector:
Lechuza, Neudorff, Tyco Electronics

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