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    Pet food

Packaging material for pet food and animal nutrition

Of course we offer our product line of plastic packaging material to the pet food and animal nutrition sector as well. In addition to this, all our packaging material is optimized with regard to a maximum of stability at a minimum of weight.

All the buckets and bowls are reclosable and useable for a long time without suffering a loss of quality.
This guarantees a product which remains fresh and delicious for a long period.

Our disposable plastic buckets are the beststeller in the area of animal nutrition of livestock and pets.
Our product line includes a various range of different shapes, e.g. round, rectangular, square, as well as sizes varying from 200 ml to 60 litres. It is your choice to purchase these items equipped with a plastic- or metal handle.

In case you order one of our standard sizes, we also offer IML decoration. Almost every idea regarding printing on lids and buckets is feasible.

The following companies make part of our clientele in this sector:
Christoph Franz, Erdtmann, Eggersmann and Union Mischfutter.

FLEROS packaging material for animal nutrition and pet food – our features:

  • 100 % food-safe
  • reclosable
  • capacity from 200 ml to 60 litres
  • possibility of IML-printing on buckets and lids
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