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    Meat and sausages

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Packaging material for the food industry

Our comprehensive range is very popular with the food industry. This chapter gives you an overview on the numerous possibilities. One single click provides the information you need.

  • delicatessen
  • sausage- and meat products
  • dairy products
  • fruit and vegetables
  • convenience food


Small, creative, sales-promoting. Fleros small buckets and bowls are most suitable for delicatessen of every kind. All our products of this sector are food-safe and completely liquid-tight. This ensures fresh and aromatic food for a long time – for the perfect taste.

In this aera our sealing bowls are very popular. The smallest one has a capacity of 200 ml, while the biggest one can be filled up to 8,500 ml. These items are available in white, semi-transparent and transparent.
If you require, we can offer special colours as well. Moreover, this high-quality plastic packaging can be delivered in smaller units.

Our references in the delicatessen sector (among others):
Abelmann, Gosch Sylt, Friesenkrone and Mautner Markhof.

Sausage- and meat products

Of course, all our packaging materials for this sector are food-safe and liquid-tight. This keeps the product fresh and aromatic for a long time. No matter if you offer your products to domestic households or to wholesale traders – Fleros provides the perfect size of your packaging material.

Dairy products

Fleros packaging materials in this branch of industry are food-safe and liquid-tight. The products are kept fresh and aromatic for a long time. No matter if you offer your products to domestic households or if you do B2B business selling larger quantities – Fleros packaging material always offers the perfect size.

Fruit and vegetables

FLEROS packaging material is continuously food-safe and applicable for the packaging of different quantities.
It is one of our main concerns that the materials have a maximum of stability and can be transported easily, at the same time. Our plastic buckets are particularly popular with the fruit- and vegetable industry.
The available shapes are: round, square and rectangular. They can be purchased in sizes from 150 ml up to 60 litres. If you order a standard size, it is also possible to decorate the item by IML or adhesive lables. There is almost no limit to your creativity in the design of labels for buckets and lids.

Our references in the fruit and vegetable sector:
Manss Frischeservice and Köckerling are two of the numerous companies supplied by us.

Convenience food

All our packaging material is food-safe and thus not only suitable for small- but also for large quantities.
Our packaging material guarantees fresh and aromatic products for a long time.
The convenience sector mainly requires sealing bowls. The smallest bowl has a capacity of 300 ml and the largest one can be filled up to 8,500 ml. Our sealing bowls are available in the colours white, semi-transparent and transparent. If required, we can offer special colours, too. If your production volume is lower, we also provide smaller quantities.

Our references in the convenience food sector:
Some of our customers are e.g.: Ready Cuts, Köckerling, Lockwitzer Frischfrucht and the Grocholl group of companies.

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